Espinoza wins the sprint final at the Testarossa Velodrome Challenge!

Posted by on June 14th, 2010

June 14, 2010,

Alex Fariletti, Dan Sullivan and David Espinoza raced this past weekend at Hellyer’s San Jose, CA Velodrome.  Affinity placed in the top ten despite stumbling on some questionable calls in the Keirin on Day 1… thats how it goes sometimes in bike racing. Day 2 was much different for the Affinity team, check out the pics.

US Sprint champ Jimmy Watkins, a firefighter and a member of the US National track team faced Affinity’s newest talent, David Espinoza in the sprints. Dave blazed a trail that Watkins couldn’t put out (hahahhahaha)! But wait, there’s more fires that Watkins couldn’t extinguish…

Dave and Dan knew that it would take some planning and team work. The second fire came by way of Dan “The Thug” Sullivan working for his teammate and passing the victory to Dave so he could face Watkins in the sprint final.

Photo BY : Rick Adams, Testarossa Challenge 2010

In the end Dan and Dave’s work paid off, and It was Affinity’s own Dave Espinoza beating Jimmy Watkins, and taking home $500.00 winning the Sprint final!

Photo BY : Rick Adams, Testarossa Challenge 2010

Alex Farioletti, the current World Messenger Champ racing with the PRO’s.

Alex placed 7th in the Keirin!

David and Dan are both off to an excellent 2010 season, with the help of Gil Haton’s Velo Precision training group based out of the Trexlertown Velodrome in PA. Great results guys!

Watch for David’s up and coming interview with John Prolly coming soon!

Dan Sullivan on the podium taking 5th place in the Keirin Final….

Testarossa Challenge 2010 results:


1st – David Espinoza

6th – Dan Sullivan

Keirin Final:

5th – Dan Sullivan

7th – Alex

8th – Dave Espinoza

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