Kissena opening day

I see it's going to be a very competitive year in the 123's, and it's awesome for everyone on the team that wants to improve their abilities. I just want to congratulate everyone for working as a team and helping each other out... way to ride Jody! We almost got the top three places, and it's still awesome that we got 1st and 2nd in the 123's, I wish I could have held on just one more spot in the Miss and Out but I just ran out of gas after targeting and blocking our competition. In the 123's: Prensky, excellent work considering the lack of training, wonder what is going to happen with training? Congrats on the Kilo record Colin (Bastard, took my record). John Chambers, Nice work man... Way to hang in there for second place overall (Next time I want my entry fee paid hahahaha). Also, we set the new Team Sprint record at Kissena. I Can't wait to see what records get smashed this year, especially with Dave and Dan training full time in PA with Gil. Ouch.  And Jon Linchitz took the Sprints.

In  the women's open: Stephanie and Christine, 2nd and third respectfully. Nice work ladies. When Erin makes it out to a few races or we head to T-Town the Women's team should do great in the team sprints too.

Cat 4: Luke Styles, you almost had it dude. 3rd over all, Not bad. Excellent recovery with the blown off tire. It was the highlight of my day, excellent bike handling skills.

Cat 5: John Watson of Mishka DART/Ben's Cycle, (Wearing Affinity) Way to go man! New to track racing but showed he has great speed, winning the overall omnium. It had to be the kit...

Masters: Congrats to Steve in his 5th place overall and Chris Barbaria who gets the MVP man! Won every race he entered and raced Prospect Park on Sat morning. Holly CRAP! Nice riding man.

Photo by: Anthony Skorochod