May 7, 2010 - Jordan/Zephyr "Need for Speed Sprints" Atlanta, GA, Espinoza Sets 200m TT Record.

Day 1: Affinity's David Espinoza sets NEW 200M RECORD at the DLV and takes the Sprints in the final on Day 1!

Affinity sent 4 elite riders to the Ethic Inc. Pro Invitational Keirin and Sprints in Atlanta Georgia this past weekend, Andrew LaCorte, Dan Sullivan, David Espinoza and Jon Linchitz.  For some on the squad it was only the 7th time on the track in 2010. In the end Affinity riders dominated the Atlanta scene.

It was a perfect night to set a record at the Jordan/Zephyr Need for Speed Sprints in GA. It was hot and there was no wind at all, and that is all it took to break the DLV 200m track record held by Morne Blignaut of South Africa at 11.09. Both Espinoza and Lakatosh posted a time of 11.03 for their 200's so they will hold the record jointly.

Espinoza stated to the team that he would be riding an "11.00" and that is what he did with determination.

The Open Sprints had 28 riders registered.  Affinity Riders were amongst the top 5 qualifiers in the 200 TT.

  • Espinoza - 1st
  • Linchitz -  3rd
  • Sullivan -  4th
  • LaCorte -   5th

In the final it was Espinoza taking first place with LaCorte in 4th, Linchitz in 6th, and Sullivan in 7th place overall.

Back to the hotel, rest up for the evening and prepare for Day 2 for the Keirin...

To be Continued...

Espinoza taking the final for first place!

Photograpy: Jordan/Zephyr