Mega, MCS, Rocket and the roots of old school BMX

There are a small handful of people and company's which I attribute to who I am today and how I got into photography, bmx and bicycle design. A few of these guys owned MEGA, MCS, Rocket and of course Ian Chin Loy. All of these company's and small factories were from Florida and represented hard from the late 80's and early 90's when bmx was about racing and dirt jumping. There's a lot more to come with this store but let me share a few pics as a teaser. Wow this brings me way back, Brian Fell, Bill Prince, Jeff DeVito and Ian Chin Loy rule! I looked up to these guys when I was a kid. They were all way older than me and sponsored riders, made products, magazines, shops and were making things happening when I was a little shit. Thanks guys for great memories, I don't know how my parents ever let me chill with any of you crazy mofos... we did some wild shit back in the day.