Bike Check: Andrew LaCorte's Team Issue Silver Kissena

I took these photos a few weeks before nationals and what a great time to show it off! I spent the day at the Kissena velodrome checking out the guys train and bs'ing in between their efforts.

Every national champ should have their name personalized on the top tube.

Chilling under the pop up tents. There's no shade or running water at the track, so we bring tents, coolers and everything else to be sustainable. Not to mention our track is made of black asphalt, its HOT out there!

Rolling out and preparing for the motor to come around.

Andrew was pacing off the back of the motor then dropping off into turn three and sprinting against the motor solo to the line. If your wondering, yes he does beat the motor and they both go over 40mph!

This is Andrew's US National Championship winning team issue metallic silver (medium size) Kissena. For a guy who's 6'3" you'd think he should be on a large size Kissena. For many elite track racers they prefer a frame a little small... the shorter the frame, the shorter the wheelbase is and the stiffer and more agile the ride is. Fortunately for Andrew and the Kissena, the integrated seat mast makes all of this possible.

You technically can't race on the track with attachments on your bike, but Andrew puts on the Garmin unit for training.

The head tubes on the Kissenas are slightly taller than on most high end track frames, it makes the bike stiffer and more comfy. Also, the Kissena head tube angle is steeper than most track bikes making it twitchy and very rigid. Watch out for that toe overlap though...

The view from 2nd place!

Beefy dropouts and dropout plate inserts to ensure that the wheel doesn't slip EVER! Also, take a closer look... no lock ring! Some of you may not know that elite track racers usually dont run lock rings on there bikes. Thats some serious shit, but you ask any serious track racer and they'll tell you they do not use lockrings... why you may ask, they dont need them. There's no need when your racing, you dont skid, apply any back pressure and they change them all of the time based on specific races. Also, the amount of torque they use firmly keeps that poor cog on tight!

Caught a lovely weed poking through the rear wheel when I was taking this pic.

The team issue Kissena will be on sale on the wbesite later today!!! go to the store or click here!