Rockaway Relief Effort Group Ride

Thanks a million to those who donated to the Affinity Rockaway Relief effort, and to the 100+ who made the group ride out to the Rockaway Surf Club on beach 87th. When we arrived at the surf club I was overwhelmed by the devastation on Rockaway, but was also thrilled to see how a communal effort was able to quickly organize and begin immediate relief.
The surf club has become a make shift relief center and our effort was given the job of going house to house from the ocean to the bay canvassing and getting addresses, phone numbers and what people needed from 100th street to 60th... every single house or condo. From man power, buckets to remove the sand, people still needing to pump out flood water, food, clothes pretty much anything they wanted we wrote down.
From there we took the info back so that they can get to understand what everyone needs, then we went right back out and gave them the supplies and began helping right away. It was truly amazing, and the residents of Rockaway were so relieved and humbled knowing that so many were there to help.
Again thank you to everyone to joined us for the ride, you all made a huge gesture by showing up and lending a hand to help those in need. I love you New York City, this effort is what makes this city so great!

We are going to be accepting donations all week long and going back out again on Saturday and Sunday. Clothing is not really something needed at this point. Batteries, cleaning supplies and food are the big ticket items. Meet at Affinity Cycles at 9, roll out at 9:30. The more folks we have for the ride and distribution efforts the bigger impact we can make. There is still so much to be done.