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Six Days at Tilburg Bike Check Dan Sullivan

One thing that's for sure is there's a ton of insane track bikes here at Tilburg. I've got to be a bit selfish and start out with Dan's Affinity Kissena before I go into the other teams rigs. Check this out and try not to drool.

This is Dan's Affinity Kissena for the six days at Tilburg. It's a new custom limited edition colorway which we're launching very soon for a rather big project we're about to embark on. Black sparkle with some serious sparkle flakes and metallic silver decals... yummy.

We've been working with FFWD this year, and they were able to help get wheels for the event. Many Thanks to FFWD and the Amsterdam (Sloten) Velodrome sprint coach Caroline Herreikhuyzen for helping make things happen.

Having riders in the event has its privileges, I was able to get some nice pictures in between turn 1 and 2.

I've got to say this is one of the nicest paint we've had on any Affinity frame to date, it couldn't come at a better time and the project it'll be used for will also be our biggest project to date. The new Kissena limited will be launching soon, you'll know whats happening in a week or so.

Segway into bike porn part 2. Next up some primo Derny pics...