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How did you start Affinity? Well, i've had an Affinity for bikes since I was 10 years old.

Most people may not know that I'm a bmx'er at heart. Here I am racing for Bonzai bmx co. in '90 or '91... I started racing when I was like 10. I cut my teeth in bmx, learning a ton about bikes, wrenching and also frame geometry. This was my first custom bicycle, hand made in the US by my sponsor Bonzai. That's also the first wheel set I ever laced... not to shabby lacing back when I was 13.

Check out the pic closely, the wheels have twist lace spokes hahaha. I had originally laced them radial in the front and 3x in the rear, but as a young buck I had the itch for extra style points.

I love you dad for asking me if I wanted to race bmx, its the best gift you've ever given me. #tbt