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Way to go Christian... the number 8 contender for next Saturday's Red Hook Crit.
Red Hook here we come... Christian Kos ditches the Six's for RHC Glory.

Next weekend our Six Day Champ Christian Kos will make his Red Hook Crit debut.

This is the first of many planned Red Hook Crit adventures for Chrisitan, and we can say he's stoked to enter fixed crit racing. Is he nervous? Yes... but rest assured we've given Christian a few pointers to make sure it's smooth sailing and rubber side down.

1. We've ensured Christian's safety by adding a lock ring to his track wheel... an object not normally used by racers on a velodrome.

2. We've introduced Christian to making sure he can turn right on his track bike... silly track racers only turn left.

3. Lastly we've given him a few lessons on how to slow down (quickly) on his track bike, this practice is definitely not practiced by track racers.

Will these pointers help... definitely. Will he win... who knows?!

We can say that he'll be tearing off racers legs on the straight-ways and left turns. We're just stoked that Christian's here in Brooklyn to represent Affinity, and that he's giving the Red Hook Crit a run for our money.

Good luck Christian, go for the glory... we already have tons of rad Six Day jerseys and lets face it you don't really need a Cinelli. hahahaha

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