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I Love My Bike Book Launch Party Recap

Friday was the I Love My Bike Book launch event at the shop and we had a good crowd through out the evening despite the 30 minute torrential down pour at 6:30. Its a simple formula really, you supply a good reason to party (cool book launch), add a little hydration (free pbr), then about 30 -45 minutes later feed (free tacos).

It also happened to be Felipe (The F'ing King of NYC)'s Birthday. After party pics coming soon...

There were waves of people that came in and out but a lot of people got caught out in the rain! Typical NYC summer weather, It was clear and sunny just up until 6:30 when the sky went black, then it pissed for 30 min. After wards was that calm after the storm and everyone was happy to be at the shop!

The vibe was good as we chilled and dried off.

Tacos from Grand Morelos. That lasted about 5 minutes and we were all ready for more hydration and chilling.

No party is complete without a gas face (mostly) dude only gangster group shot, things were just about to get interesting... note the King has his crown.

With the beer kicked and the Tacos soaking it up, we rolled out to the after party! Many Thanks to Matt Finkle and Brittain Sullivan for making such a rad book, to Chronicle Books for backing this great project and party!!

I Love My Bike Books are available at Affinity, the I Love My Bike website and in many fine books stores.

I Love My Bike Book Release Party is This Friday!!

Affinity Cycles will be hosting the NYC launch of the I Love My Bike Book this Friday at Affinity! Come out and meet Brittain Sullivan and Matthew Finkle the creators and photographers of this great new book which is a celebration of bikes and the people who love them. These guys came up with a great concept and photographed many characters, shop owners, cycling icons and met a ton of great people while documenting this great culutre and lifestyle. The event will start at 7 with free tacos and beer until 9, then move onto the after party spot Lady Jay's just one block up from Affinity! Also, get your picture taken by Matt and Brittian during the event, so get your drink on and come lookin pretty! You'll also be able to buy copies of the book and have it signed by our great friends Matt and Brittian. See you on Friday!