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Levis Collab Trucker Jackets

Levis just released this official press release for launch of the custom bike crew trucker jackets. They look sick, can't wait to rock the one off Affinity jacket this fall. Here's the details:

Design process Inside each jacket is a stitched Levi’s® Tailor shop logo. Silk screening, stenciling, stitching/sewing and custom graphics were all done at the Tailor Shop—unless otherwise noted.

Crews who were involved and the design process with the project: All Hail The Black Market – Words from the Levi’s® tailor, “We put together a custom stencil of a humorous quote underneath the collar. On the back you’ll find a screen printed and sewed in a logo.” Godspeed – Words from the Levi’s® tailor, “As a play on old school racing jackets you will find each riders racing number hand painted on the inside of the jacket.” Zeitgeist – Words from the Levi’s® tailor, “We printed their logo onto cloth and then sewed it onto the back of the jacket. It was complete after adding a screen printed ‘SF’ and red color-blocking underneath the collar. “ Prolly is Not Probably – Words from the Levi’s® tailor, “On the front we added a custom button to the breast pocket and screen printed ‘13’ onto the side of the jacket. Upon opening the jacket you’ll find a simple one-color screen print of the the blog's name.” Fast Folks — Words from the Levi’s® tailor, “Yellow color blocking underneath the collar, which we screen printed with ‘Fast or Die.’ We drew up a graphic illustrating the shops love with bikes, which can be see on the back of the jacket.“ NYC Velo – Words from the Levi’s® tailor, “White reflective material was used on the back and front bottoms of the jacket to keep the riders safe when they ride at night. A subtle red-stitched ‘V’ was added to the collar.” Ritte Racing – Words from the Levi’s® tailor, “Blue, red and yellow fabric were combined to produce a rainbow swoosh to celebrate the shops Belgian roots.” Moth Attack — Words from the Levi’s® tailor, “Pink color blocking can be found underneath the collar and on the inside waist band of the jacket. Once the logo was transferred to cloth it was then stitched to the back of the jacket.” Time Cycle — Words from the Levi’s® tailor, “Once the custom logo was created we decided to use the colors white and red to help it stand out from the finish of the jacket. “ R.E. Load — Words from the Levi’s® tailor, “R.E. Load stitched a patch into the back themselves, and we added our subtle touch by adding their individual names on the inside of the jacket.” Affinity – Words from the Levi’s® tailor, “We took the shops signature red color scheme and implemented it into the back, where we did a large logo print, and underneath the collar.”

Levis Bike Shop Launch NYC

In conjunction with the 511 Commuter launch, Levis is introducing its mobile bike station and is also offering free custom tailoring on your current jeans and accessories. The launch event takes place this Friday in NYC, then the mobile set up will be traveling cross country to various locations free of charge! NYC events take place at the Ace Hotel this weekend and Sunday will be a special screening of Bike Shorts from The Bicycle Film Festival. See you this weekend!


Levis X Affinity Launch Party

Since Prolly's busting on us and trying to make up for a lame Jacket, we're showing what really went down at the NYC Levis launch at Affinity and Lady Jays. There were tons of people in the shop and the party spilled out into the street pretty much from the get go.

There were tons of people in the shop and the party spilled out into the street pretty much from the get go.

The Jackets came out sick, they printed on a distressed A on the back with Affinity Cycles Brooklyn NYC on the collar, also everyone got their names stitched onto the inside of the left cuff.

Many Thanks to Heineken for the beer, but the 20 cases went in 1 hour, then another 20 cases in the last hour at Affinity. When the buckets were empty, and our trusty bar tender was spent, we rolled over to Lady Jay's to keep it rolling.

Billy graciously threw down a large tab at the bar and JStache and Drty Fngrs had the crowd live. The back yard at the bar was very chill and a nice break from the crowd.

A Huge thanks to Levis, Heineken, JStache and DRTY FNGRS and Lady Jay's for a killer night. Tak came through with some great pics, head over to Taks website for more. Check back for our coverage of The Great American Shootout!

Levis & Affinity Cycles

The run up to the event this Saturday has been crazy. The new Levis product just arrived and the new jeans and crops have been well worth the hype. Here's a sneak peek of the new line up, we'll have everything in stock and ready for sale this Saturday. To purchase the new Leivs Commuter jeans, please visit the Affinity flagship store in Brooklyn NYC.

We'll also be receiving the custom Affinity X Levis trucker jacket which will be presented to our street team, so stoked for that. Free Heineken for all, come out this Sat. begining at NYVelo then rolling out to Affinity at 8pm. Party goes from 8 - 10 at Affinity then onto Lady Jay's one block up on Grand St.

See you at Affinity this weekend, also come check out the madness this Sunday at The Great American Shootout!


Levi's Commuter Launch Party, NYC Style!

After several months of design and work, the Levi's Commuter series is launching next Saturday in NYC. The party starts at 7pm at NYC Velo then rolls over here to Affinity at 8pm. The after party is at Lady Jays, one block from the shop. Affinity is proud to be part of the Levis Commuter series jeans, we'll have the full line up on display and for sale starting the night of the party. The events kick off at 8pm, I can't wait to see the new Affinity X Levis crew jacket and the new line up of Levis. How can the 511's get any better? You'll have to come out to the launch to see!