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Rewind: 7 years at 616 Grand... Epic Monster Track Group ride

To celebrate the bike shop, we'll be Rewinding and paying homage to the most memorable events, parties and characters who have made an ever lasting imprint on Affinity. But where should we start? I suppose its pretty undeniable that the Monster Track pre events held at the bike shop were epic! Swarms of people would gather to register for Monster Track, hang out and amass for the upcoming insanity.



Lets face it, Monster Track is the premier alley cat. It takes place in March, sometimes its bombing snow, other years its tee shirt weather... either way its the most OG hardcore alley cat in the world. The gathering of messengers in NYC for MT is crazy, but who will win? Who gets the prize bag and all of the bragging rights?


The master mind and the man with the cam... Lucas would take this footage and later drop his feature movie Line of Sight.


The group ride from the shop to the race has got to be the best group ride i've ever been on. Hundreds rolled to the foot of the bridge to get organized then let the madness begin...


The only person I know in the messenger scene that can control over 100 messengers... bro.


Instructions are given... Master King shows off his Stash Colnago... prob one of the sickest track bikes in NYC.


Manifests are given and go!!!

Check out the official Monster track promo video from Carlos and UCW. JT won Monster Track 2012 and first girl was (good) Heather... Alfred got 2nd, Chas won 3rd (1st place out of town), Crihs 4th and Eric was 5th.

This was one of the most epic journeys for the shop, but wait we hosted another Monster track. more to come...