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Affinity Cycles and SNAP is in Brooklyn Eagle news

Jason Gallecher Brooklyn's first and only bike messenger service SNAP is on BrooklynEagle news website. Brooklyn Eagle news writer Mike Weiss had an interview with Dave Perry(BIKE WORKS), Hugo Giron(SNAP),Shawn Lowery(SNAP),Heather Barnard(Blue Angel Wines), Dan Hart(M Noodle),and Jason Gallacher(AFFINITY CYCLES). Mike Weiss succeeded in getting story about ALLEYCAT from Hugo Giron. See more story of Brooklyn Messenger HERE!



That's Monster Track Ten not Mr. T Experience. I didn't get to participate in too much MTXing because I had to work so everyone else at Snap could race. I did get to the welcome party and got 2nd in the Gold Sprint qualifier by a hundredth of a second (15.82 to a guy from Boston's 15.83). To my defense I taught two spin classes and did 5 reps, 5 sets of 275# deadlifts and was cramping at my house before heading over there. My esteemed teammate Andrew "Cupcake, the National Champ and Third in the World" LaCorte did an amazing 14.93. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. I was lucky enough to be there at the Affinity Cycles checkpoint and force feed the top five Red Bull before they could go on. Crihs was in the zone and so was Copetown's Jimi "Jumbo" Vargas. First and Second, respectively. Props to Heather Muller for winning too. She regularly attends my Tuesday night "High Intensity Interval Training Tuesday" (H.I.I.T.T. for short) and I can't help but feel a little pride in her excellent performance.

Oh yeah, Hibagon is playing tonight at the Charleston with Haunted Castle, among others.

Virus keeps the sleep at bay.

So this audition tape is making the rounds like hpv in the co-ed dorms. Bikesnob, the last to hop on the hip, put the views over 3 grand. That's a lot of people that know me that I don't know. The email mail box is getting some interesting emails from some randoms, as is the Facebook friend reqs. I am sorry, but I have a policy against friending people I don't know in the flesh. I do Twitter like a mother lover.

I have to give love to Trudy, Prolly, Mike M.Mike G., Hong Kong Fixed and a bunch of others for helping me catch the eye of the interweb.

In other news: my messenger friend Randall from Zurich is here and on my couch. My roomies came home at 6 am or so and were all kinds of drunk/loud. I had to carry one out of my bed into hers honeymoon style. As I drifted back to slumberland I heard "Fuck you Alex!" coming from downstairs. I poked my head out the window and had a short convo with my friends Aden and Joel as they were leaving the bar (I live right above a bar, right above a bar). This is at 7 o'clock in the goddamn. At 8 am Randall called me to get let back in the apt. He got locked out taking the dog for a walk. Who needs sleep?

Today at CrossFit I did a squat clean pr of 200#!  Tall socks+weightlifting shoes=SPORTS DORK!

200# PR Squat Clean from Mario Ferrari on Vimeo.